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Here is a list of your testimonials


Here is a list of your testimonials.

Testimonial for John Hines, Aston Patterning therapist

One night a few years ago, I sat in my hot tub crying desperately and praying for help. Finally, my pain had become so severe that even my hot tub, once my daily reprieve, could no longer offer me even temporary relief. I felt like I was dying. And in fact, I considered taking my own life. I had no functional life and just getting through each day was becoming more and more difficult.

My problems were the result of many injuries caused by years of child abuse. These were unusual and complex injuries, unlike those caused by an auto accident or a fall. Medical doctors couldn’t help me and chiropractic wasn’t enough.

My body was misshapen and twisted. My right shoulder was much higher than my left. My head was too far forward, causing headaches and constant, often debilitating neck and upper back pain. My waist was so scrunched that my hip bones pressed painfully against my ribs when I sat down. Nearly every part of me hurt. My chiropractor could adjust me, but my body was so unbalanced that the adjustments would not hold for more than an hour or two, if at all.

Then I found John! The first time I saw him, he said that I would be a challenge. He said he thought he could help me, but he couldn’t guarantee it. But from our very first session, I instinctively knew that he was healing me. During the first several months, our 1 ½ hour sessions often turned into 2 or 2 ½ hour sessions, because he said that I “needed” it. And he refused to make extra money for these ever so precious gifts of time and care!

It has been two years now and the results are nothing short of a miracle. John has literally re-structured my body. I still need more work, but everything is significantly better. My body is starting to look normal. You can even see the difference on my X-rays! I still have pain, but it is manageable and getting better. I’m starting to enjoy all the things I love, again!


As well as being a skilled, dedicated therapist, John is impeccably honest, ethical, professional and most of all, kind (though he likes to pretend he’s a jerk. Don’t believe it)! I actually think he might be an angel, but he won’t admit it.

Nancy M.
Modesto, CA

Testimonial for John Hines

After receiving treatment from several physicians for low back pain, a pain management doctor referred me to John Hines at Healthquest. I had been on disability for several months and had tried almost everything available from traditional medical treatment to various alternative treatments. None of these provided relief from the pain. Instead of getting better I felt like I was getting worse. I was unable to sit, stand or walk very far without experiencing excruciating pain. Laying down in the back seat, a friend drove me to my first appointment. By the second visit, I knew john could help me. He provided an assessment, listened to my concerns and educated me about the source of my pain. John's skills and use of a specialized type of bodywork (Aston Patterning) provided relief and hope.
Today I am back to work and have my life back.
Thank you,

Steve D.
Modesto Ca